The Dennis Waldman Foundation for Jewish Education is a non-profit educational charity that provides scholarships for Canadian students who are completing their secondary school education and going on to post-secondary study.

The Foundation was established in 1989 to honour the memory of Dennis Waldman, a beloved teacher in Toronto´s Jewish community, who died suddenly in June of 1989. His family and friends established a trust, formed a Board of Directors, and explored ways to remember Dennis by contributing to the education of young people in the Jewish community.  The Dennis Waldman Scholarship is the result of that effort, and it has honoured his memory every year since 1990 until until COVID-19 caused a two-year suspension of the scholarship.


In its first years, the scholarship prize was $1800. It has grown to a scholarship of $5000.

The process for awarding the Dennis Waldman Scholarship involves an application that includes a short essay. The application deadline is early May. The Board of Directors (a group of approximately ten people) carefully appraises the applications, meets, and determines three or four finalists for the scholarship. A smaller group of Board members subsequently interviews the finalists and awards the Dennis Waldman Scholarship to one of them. The prize money is forwarded to the winner on receipt of confirmation of enrolment from his or her post-secondary institution of choice.


We have moved our application to an online system. We are using the secure Google forms and docs for all application and files sent to the Dennis Waldman Foundation for Jewish Education. All submissions are to be done this way and documents must have your name included on the files. Please submit PDF files.


The link to the secure scholarship application: Scholarship Application


Your application must be received by May 5, 2023.



If children you should have, at length, do not be afraid to discipline them but with loving care, purchase them books and by skilled teachers have them taught. Hai, Gaon, 10th Century Babylonia.

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